2020    Head of Visuals for Create or Die Live

2020    Head of Visuals for Loud ‘n’ Queer TV

2020    “Rubbing Paper Bag on Stubble” Music Video for Stieble Eltron: Director, Animator 

2019 - 2020     Artist at Create or Die Studio

2020    Content Creator for Baba’s Place: Animation, 3d Modelling, Graphic Design

2020    Warehouse manager at Farr st Create or Die

2019    Vivid Sydney at Chatswood: Director, Animator, Projection for “Chattie’s Wood”

2019     Vivid Ideas - Emerging Lights: speaker

2019     Octavian “Endorphins” Album cover animation: animator

2019    EDGE Inner West Art Festival: Artist, Animator, Projection for “Fine”

2019    Projection for “Empathy Lessons” by Kait Polkinghorne
                 AGDA finalist

2018    Director, Animator for “Deer: And How They’re Made.”
                 Recieved “Tropfest shortlist”
                 Selected for “Sydney Rising Star Film Festival” to represent UNSW

2019     Edible Beauty: Freelance Animation, Graphic Designer

2019     Forward Thinking Design: Animation

2018 - present     “To Kill a Dead Man” formerly known as “Violet” : Stage Design, VJ

2018 - present     Darkcinema: Projection Mapping, Animator, VJ, Graphic Designer

2018      Aten fashion pop-up: Light Design, Projection Mapper, VJ

2018     Subsonic Festival: Projection Mapping, VJ

2018    DUNJ presents Om Unit: Projection Mapping, VJ

2016 - 2019     Second Nature Films: Freelance Animation for “Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story”

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