selected work

2023   Powerhouse Museum: Video and Digital Services Collaborators
2023   Sugar Glider Digital: Artist
2023    “Lennox bridge projection” for PWC, City of Parramatta, TransportNSW and HecklerHQ
2022    “$10.50 Beef Laksa” for Chinatown Sydney as part of the Neon Playground Festival: Artist
2022    What comes next? for UNSW: Artist/Designer
2022    Traces for Cypha, DBR, Brigitte Podrasky Joan Shin at SoftCentre x Vivid x Carriageworks 2022: Technical Production
2022     Macca the Mutt ft. Nick Cave for Party Dozen: Animator/Runner
                  Selected for Raindance Film Festival 2022
2022    All New Suburu BRZ for Chris Yee: Animator
                  Selected for Australian Effects and Animation Festival
2022    How can we Thrive in the 21st century? for UNSW Centre of Ideas. Broadcast on ABC Australia: Artist/Designer
2022    Christiana Figueres on the Energy Centre of our World for UNSW Centre of Ideas: Director, Animator
2021    Blak Matriarchy music video for Barkaa: Projection Artist
                  Nominated for Best Music Video by ARIA Awards 2022
                  Winner of Best Music Video by FBI SMAC Awards 2022
2021    Dr Anthony Fauci on our Common Enemies for UNSW Centre of Ideas: Director, Animator
2021    Rubbing Paper Bag on Stubble short with Stieble Eltron: Director, Animator
                  Selected for St Kilda Film Festival 2021
                  Selected for Canberra short film festival
                  Nominated for Best Music Video by Indie Short Fest
2021     Artist and Designer for BUSH
2021     Dorr-e Dari: A Poetic Crash Course in the Language of Love for Sydney Festival 2021: Director/Animator
2020    Westwords 2020 in the Parralanes Festival for Parramatta Council:  Animator/Director
2020    What can we learn while we are apart? for UNSW Centre of Ideas:  Artist/Designer
2020    Warami Live: Head of Visuals
                Recieved 4-Stars in a Sydney Morning Herald titled “Fierce Energy Crosses the Gap”
2020    Create or Die Live:  Head of Visuals
2020    Loud ‘n’ Queer TV:  Head of Visuals

                Time In nomination for  “Get Lit at Home Award for Favourite Online Party” 
2020    Animator for Baba’s Place: Animation, 3d Modelling, Graphic Design
2019    Chattie’s Wood for Vivid Sydney at Chatswood: Director, Animator, Projection mapping
2019     Vivid Ideas - Emerging Lights: speaker
2019    Fine China for EDGE Inner West Art Festival: Artist 
2019    Empathy Lessons by Kait Polkinghorne:  Projection mapping
                 AGDA finalist
2018    Deer: And How They’re Made: Director, Animator 
                 Recieved “Tropfest shortlist”
                 Selected for “Sydney Rising Star Film Festival” to represent UNSW
2018 - 2019   Darkcinema: Projection Mapping, Animator, VJ, Graphic Designer
2018    Aten fashion pop-up: Light Design, Projection Mapper, VJ
2018    Subsonic Festival: Projection Mapping, VJ
2018    DUNJ presents Om Unit: Projection Mapping, VJ

References on request