2020    Artist/Designer for “What can we learn while we are apart?” for UNSW Centre of Ideas
2020    Head of Visuals for Warami Live       
                Recieved 4-Stars in a Sydney Morning Herald titled “Fierce Energy Crosses the Gap”
2020    Head of Visuals for Create or Die Live
2020    Head of Visuals for Loud ‘n’ Queer TV
                Time In nomination for  “Get Lit at Home Award for Favourite Online Party” 
2020    “Rubbing Paper Bag on Stubble” Music Video for Stieble Eltron: Director, Animator 
2019 - 2020    Artist at Create or Die Studio
2020    Content Creator for Baba’s Place: Animation, 3d Modelling, Graphic Design
2020    Warehouse manager at Farr st Create or Die
2019    Vivid Sydney at Chatswood: Director, Animator, Projection for “Chattie’s Wood”
2019     Vivid Ideas - Emerging Lights: speaker
2019     Octavian “Endorphins” Album cover animation: animator
2019    EDGE Inner West Art Festival: Artist, Animator, Projection for “Fine”
2019    Projection for “Empathy Lessons” by Kait Polkinghorne
                 AGDA finalist
2018    Director, Animator for “Deer: And How They’re Made.”
                 Recieved “Tropfest shortlist”
                 Selected for “Sydney Rising Star Film Festival” to represent UNSW
2019     Edible Beauty: Freelance Animation, Graphic Designer
2019     Forward Thinking Design: Animation
2018 - present     “To Kill a Dead Man” formerly known as “Violet” : Stage Design, VJ
2018 - present     Darkcinema: Projection Mapping, Animator, VJ, Graphic Designer
2018    Aten fashion pop-up: Light Design, Projection Mapper, VJ
2018    Subsonic Festival: Projection Mapping, VJ
2018    DUNJ presents Om Unit: Projection Mapping, VJ
2016 - 2019     Second Nature Films: Freelance Animation for “Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story”

References on request